Take A Chill Pill


Beauty and the Pitch

April is stress awareness month and this is a great moment to tell you how I never.ever.ever stress out (humble brag) Ok, I mean, my anxiety levels are through the roof but you give some, you take some. So this is as good time as any to put your life stressors back in check (I’m looking at you tax return). If not for you, do it for your lovely locks…


Learn something new everyday. Knowledge is power.
Surround yourself with inspiring people who motivate you to be a better you every day.
See the beauty in small things.
And the beauty in other people.
Be confident with everything you do… even when you aren’t.
Especially when you aren’t.
Seek to be a problem solver. Not the problem.
Laugh. Plus it’s an ab workout.
Which brings us to, pilates.
And the lazy version… one deep breathe.
Forgive people and stop holding…

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