Are miracles real?

The alarm goes off, it’s a brand new day to make is as fabulous as you want to! Upon waking up I usually pour myself a nice tall glass of water, stretch out my body, and meditate in my favorite chair. Waking up just a half hour before everyone in my house allows me to have this quality time with myself. It seems like we all need this time for ourselves. Living in New Jersey, our lives are a daily hustle. Even feels strange to lounge around the house for a few hours to relax sometimes! (Thank you snow days!!!)

When we take moments for ourselves it recharges our batteries and allows us to think more clearly. My yoga teacher, Ron, says it the best “We are all humans BEings, we should just be.” He says that almost every class, and it’s a reminder that being is just as important as anything else.

Every moment can be a miracle, if you make it. Personally, I do believe in miracles. Believing in miracles allows an endless amount of opportunities to attract. Like in movies usually the miracles aren’t surrounded mp by glitter and fireworks, however if you take the simplest moment..your miracle could be right there.. Looking deep into your eyes, soul, & heart!




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