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In our fast-moving lives, it’s easy to sometimes miss out on great things. Before starting a new week on WordPress.com, be sure to check out the features that made a splash on  Hot Off the Press  last week:

sxsw wordpress.com house The WordPress.com House was the place to be in this year’s SXSW festival.


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Find your style with Kleenex!

Pearls and Paris

With Spring right around the corner, I am trying to prepare my home for this upcoming allergy season. I took a trip to my local drugstore to pick up some allergy pills, new cleaning products and some tissues. While walking down the home aisle I came across an awesome display of Kleenex tissue boxes. These weren’t your average boxes though, they consisted of different shapes and the prints were so bold, fun and classy.

To celebrate their 90th anniversary, Kleenex is bringing you another innovative first:

The Kleenex® Style Studio

Did you ever think that you would be able to add decor to your home with a tissue box?? I usually dislike the styles and colors of them so they stay tucked away under the sink or in a draw but not anymore. Check out how The Kleenex Style Studio added some style to my spaces:

The Bathroom



Instead of being an eye sore…

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What are you wishing for?

Working shouldn’t suck! The term working should actually be changed to “wishing”! What do you wish for?
Myself, I wish for forever happiness, health, and success with my business.

The phrase I hear quite too often ‘another day, other dollar’ or how’s life? ‘Same shit different day’. THe SECOND I hear someone say either of those two phrases I cringe and think my conversation with this person isn’t going to last too much longer.
Make everyday different, make each day and that dollar another dollar toward your ultimate wish.
Working and wishing go hand in hand. Conquering everyday as I am working towards my wishes! Keep moving forward. Let’s do this!

Just believe

Dreaming is so important because there is no limitations. Often people think dreaming is for children. “When I get big I dream of being…”

Believing in yourself throughout your WHOLE life can make your dreams more and more possible. What is it that we all want? Indirectly all of us have the same exact dreams, to be happy. Dreaming creates happiness. It’s your happy place. Dreams may come in all different shapes, colors, sizes..but ultimately they all make us as individuals happy.

So dreams make us happy, let’s believe in them until you they have come true. Your desire to wake up in the morning and work your butt of to achieve them will make you that much closer to actually having your dream.

My dreams are what motivates everyday. No matter the challenges I face, no matter what… Just believe in your dreams!

The best part of the day.

Waking up in the morning is the best part of the day! You want to know why? Because it’s the start of something beautiful!

The way you wake up has an effect on you for the rest of the day. Upon waking you want to be fresh, positive, happy, and ready to take the day on like a champion.
Some great tips to start your day: meditation, stretching, washing your face and saying affirmations in the to mirror, listen to your favorite music, smile.

Be the Queen or King that you are when you wake up and carry it throughout your day. Guaranteed you will have a fantastic day!

JPR xo

All about the view!

In life, there are people and things you may come across that scare you, make you mad, or you just have no desire for. By taking the high road.. The positive road.. the road were the majority isn’t going, will give you so much more of a better view.

Anytime I can making my view in the best light will only make things work out for me. Stay thankful, stay true, and make sure your view is exactly what you want to see no matter what the situation is!

xo JPR


What happens next…

There’s a time when we all want something. Whether it’s a new car, a new relationship, a new job, etc…

On your search you may come across speed bumps in your journey and think “dam totally didn’t need that!” However what you don’t know is because of that speed bump something greater may be coming along. Great and better than you even imagined!

If your not getting exactly what you want right now, know that better is on its way. Believe it and it will happen.

JPR xo