Looking at the market in Northern NJ! Coldwell Banker Office Discussion

Coldwell Banker: great and positive discussions at our weekly morning meeting!

In Northern New Jersey, especially the Essex County Montclair Area, there is a lack of inventory!  Homes are coming on the market and going under contract in a few weeks.

Interest Rates Buyers.. take advantage of the low interest rates!!! Have you seen them? Under 4% is a historical low!  http://www.zillow.com/mortgage-rates/nj/

Multiple Offers: How to WIN your dream home!

  • Strong deposit
  • Show Seller’s you are a qualified buyer
  • Give Seller’s the time to move that is ideal for them
  • Shorten or Waive Some Contingencies
  • Offer your highest price. Make it attractive, maybe a bit above list price.


Laser Focus Points:  Seller’s need to know their agent is educated on the entire marketplace of where their home is located.  Looking at market statistics on a broad scale, then narrowing it down to the most specific homes is the ideal way to focus on a home ready to go on the market for sale.

Call me with all of your real estate needs!  Known Locally, Connected Globally

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Are miracles real?

The alarm goes off, it’s a brand new day to make is as fabulous as you want to! Upon waking up I usually pour myself a nice tall glass of water, stretch out my body, and meditate in my favorite chair. Waking up just a half hour before everyone in my house allows me to have this quality time with myself. It seems like we all need this time for ourselves. Living in New Jersey, our lives are a daily hustle. Even feels strange to lounge around the house for a few hours to relax sometimes! (Thank you snow days!!!)

When we take moments for ourselves it recharges our batteries and allows us to think more clearly. My yoga teacher, Ron, says it the best “We are all humans BEings, we should just be.” He says that almost every class, and it’s a reminder that being is just as important as anything else.

Every moment can be a miracle, if you make it. Personally, I do believe in miracles. Believing in miracles allows an endless amount of opportunities to attract. Like in movies usually the miracles aren’t surrounded mp by glitter and fireworks, however if you take the simplest moment..your miracle could be right there.. Looking deep into your eyes, soul, & heart!



Take A Chill Pill


Beauty and the Pitch

April is stress awareness month and this is a great moment to tell you how I never.ever.ever stress out (humble brag) Ok, I mean, my anxiety levels are through the roof but you give some, you take some. So this is as good time as any to put your life stressors back in check (I’m looking at you tax return). If not for you, do it for your lovely locks…


Learn something new everyday. Knowledge is power.
Surround yourself with inspiring people who motivate you to be a better you every day.
See the beauty in small things.
And the beauty in other people.
Be confident with everything you do… even when you aren’t.
Especially when you aren’t.
Seek to be a problem solver. Not the problem.
Laugh. Plus it’s an ab workout.
Which brings us to, pilates.
And the lazy version… one deep breathe.
Forgive people and stop holding…

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Beach Body Burn


beach body workoutocean grovebeach workoutworkoutroxyyoga on the beachyoga stretchyoga on the beachnew balance kicksrun workoutray ban sunniesworkout wednesdayworkout videoLOCATION: Ocean Grove, NJ
Jacket: Mountain Hardwear, Sports Bra: Juicy Couture, Leggings: Pheel, Sneakers: c/o New Balance, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Hat: c/o Roxy

It’s about that time… it’s spring and almost bikini season! That’s my cue to work my core and strengthen and tone more than ever to get beach-body ready. I’ve incorporated a few of my favorite moves today and if you click the video above, you’ll see a cool cardio clip I put together on the beach!

-First I start with a few breathing and stretching exercises to loosen up and get my blood flowing.

CORE -Then, I incorporate side-to-side punch-outs: With feet a little wider than shoulder width and hands by your chin. Put your weight in your hips and sit back into a quarter squat position. Punch and twist to your left side with your right hand by rotating your…

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Bargain Buy: Superdrug Coconut Oil


Everyone loves a bargain right?

I’ve heard great things about coconut oil, but I very rarely use coconut based products unless I’m on holiday…it’s the smell!

Anyway, I saw a tub of the stuff in Superdrug and decided to give it a try, and at £2.29 you can’t really go too wrong.



It comes in a solid form, and stays that way all the time it’s at room temperature. Once you scrape some out though, it quickly melts when contacted to skin.

This is when the real magic happens, because apart from it’s intoxicatingly good smell, it’s an amazing product for softening dry and hard skin – I’ve been using it on my elbows, knees and and rough areas for a while now, in preparation for my summer travels, and it’s worked really well, much better than a body moisturiser.

As it’s an oil, once warmed, I have also dabbled…

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Who do you want to attract?

Everyday I meet new people. New people are great because they can teach you new things and possibly even teach you things about yourself!

The winning question of the day.. “Who do you want to attract?”
Personally I like to attract people who are.. Successful, honest, approachable, positive, healthy, clean, happy, funny, smart, enjoyer of life.
Now do I have any of those characteristics??? This is the winning answer to the question. If I want to attract these sorts of people I MUST be one.

This concept can be taken anywhere. Your client base, your relationships with friends and mate, your colleagues. The people I want to attract is the kind of person I will be. There’s no doubt about this truth.

Create your own list of the types of people you want to attract… Do you have those same qualities???

JPR xo

Spring It On

Beauty and the Pitch

Ah, springing forward. Though historically daylight savings was created to decrease energy use during WWI (whoever figured I would ever be talking about world wars on BATP …), we as a society have realized turning the clock is becoming hazardous for our health with the change in schedule, disturbing sleep patterns,  loss of productivity, and depression due to the lack of sunlight in the morning…

However it also marks the calendar as one season closer to my favorite time of the year making it the perfect excuse to get in shape for bikini BBQs, lake adventures and pool parties by eating spring superfoods.


Juices and smoothies are the best on-the-go healthy meals. Strawberries are perfect since they are loaded with antioxidants that help repair skin damage from the great outdoors like the sun. And if you’re up for it, I recently learned of a new trick to add some oats…

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